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How does toothpaste fix a broken phone screen?

Every user of the Smartphone is very conscious about how to properly maintain their mobile and enhance their way to use every facility in their phone. You may have understood the importance of using the cheap and best method to fix a broken screen of your phone.

You can use your toothpaste fix a broken phone screen as convenient as possible. As compared to confusing with loads of quick fixes to fix the cracked Smartphone screen, you can use sandpaper, baking soda and toothpaste to fix a broken mobile screen almost immediately.

Individuals who get tiny cracks on their mobile screen can fill the toothpaste in such cracks and make cracks disappear. They will be satisfied with this stress-free method to fix a cracked phone and encouraged to recommend this method to likeminded people in their network.


You may be a beginner to the cracked mobile screen problem and think about the stress-free method to fix this problem. You have to place a clean towel on the table and your mobile screen facing towards you.

You can use the burst of compressed air to blow off the overall screen and wipe the screen’s edges with the soft cloth to remove the overall dust gather all around the screen.

Easy-to-follow procedure to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste these days encourages almost everyone who has a cracked phone screen problem to directly follow such procedure.

Once you have removed the dust gathered on the cracked screen of your mobile, you have to blow such screen off via the compressed air. Now, apply the toothpaste to the cotton swab’s end and use your finger to remove the extra toothpaste on the screen’s side.

You require washing your finger almost immediately with some water. If you have done it, then you have to hold your phone with your right hand and phone on the left hand. Now, place the covered tip on the cracked screen. You can press down in the careful way and ensure that it must cover the entire crack’s length.

A simple method to get rid of a crack on your phone with toothpaste help you save your priceless time and give you confidence to recommend this method to others. You can remove the tip and stop applying the toothpaste after the other side of the crack is entirely reached.

The last step is to discard the swab and place the softy cloth aside for some minutes.


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