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How do I connect my phone to my TV?

Users of the Smartphone and Smart TVs in our time get the desired enhancement in their overall free time. They think out of the box and use advanced entertainment facilities beyond their expectations.

I’m one of the satisfied users of the latest model of the Smartphone from the well-known brand. I connect my phone to my TV without complexity in any aspect. An easy way to connect android mobile to the smart TV saves your priceless time and enhances your approach to get the maximum entertainment.

Enhance your entertainment

An advanced technology lets users of the android Smartphone to connect with the smart TV. Though there are so many ways to connect phone to TV at this time, you can focus on the two major approaches at this time.

The first approach is to use the cable to connect Smartphone and TV. The second approach is to use the wireless technology to connect your smart TV with your android phone.

Teens and adults worldwide make use of the USB to HDMI cable to connect their phone with the TV.  An HDMI input port of the high definition TV can be connected with the Smartphone by using the micro USB or HDMI cable. Users of the high definition multimedia interface can conveniently view videos on their TV.


More than a few types of connection phone and TV these days may confuse you. You can go for the wireless technology to connect your smart TV and phone. You can use your home Wi-Fi network to connect your Smartphone and smart TV as expected.

Google Chromecast is designed to connect the phone and TV and let users to stream images, information, videos, audio and instructions from the phone to TV.  You require the HDMI cable to connect a Chrome cast dongle to your TV. A power source must be plugged in through the USB port.



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