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What causes LED backlight failure on TV?

Many users of the LED TV get ever-increasing problems caused by the LED backlight failure. They think about the easy and effective ways to solve such problems.

They have to know about the main causes LED backlight failure on TV at first and concentrate on how to get rid of such problems.

If any one of the backlight LED in the LED bar of the TV is bad, then this problem leads to no video and only audio. Individuals with the compliant of no picture and have sound can focus on how to repair their LED backlight problem now.

failure on TV

Take note of important things

The LED TV will shut down with one bad LED. If you do not see the picture on your LED TV and think about the stress-free method to get the LED TV backlight repair at this time, then you can explore guidelines from experts in this sector.

There are three circuit boards namely T-con board, main board and power supply board inside the LED TV. Specialists in the LED TV repair check the LED backlight problem by checking the DC voltage.

If the DC voltage comes for a while and shut down after, then this problem indicates one of the LED backlights is bad. This is worthwhile to be extra careful at any time you remove the internal parts of the LED TV because the Tab bonding.

Services from experts in the LED TV backlight replacement are affordable and helpful a lot to every user of the LED TV to get back their TV in a good condition. You have to use your meter to check every LED when all the LEDs are exposed by setting such meter to the diode mode.

LED backlight

A bad LED light will not light up. If you find the bad LED, then this is the cause of the LED TV shut down.  You may require replacing the overall LED bar when you do not have the single LED. This is worthwhile to keep all remaining LEDs for future use.

You can put back all the parts once you have confirmed that every LED was working good and no longer shut down.


Beginners and regular users of the LED TV nowadays are very conscious about how to enjoyable watch their favourite movies and TV series. However, they require using the best guidance and professional service to repair the LED TV backlight problem which leads to no picture on screen.


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