James P. Timilty Middle School
Promising Pals

The student and their adult pals promise to correspond through letter writing or email at least four times from January through May.

Since 1986, the Promising Pals program has enhanced literacy and writing skills, and it provides an opportunity for young people to meet positive role models.

The writing program culminates with a Promising Pals Breakfast, an event held in late May at the Timilty School where all students meet their Promising Pals.
A unique writing program where community and business partners are committed to the educational advancement of its youth.

Through letter writing the Promising Pals program bridges generations by matching Timilty middle school children with an adult pen pal.
A letter writing program that matches school children with an adult pal.
“It brings people together who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet…and it gives many adults the chance to find out what we have to offer in the Boston Public Schools.”

  ~ Boston’s Former Mayor Thomas Menino

“It is clearly one of the most important activities which I am engaged in every year.”

  ~ David P. Driscoll, President
     Massachusetts Department of Education
30th Annual Promising Pals Breakfast
Friday, June 3rd

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